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CreightonStolarz USED

I feel as if I’ve been busy my whole life and at this moment, on the verge of my retirement, there are seemingly endless new opportunities for me. I enjoy family – I have two beautiful daughters – and finances, having been a CPA my entire life. I am friendly and easygoing despite my outwardly analytical and cold persona. I enjoy new friends and new hobbies.

Interests: Accounting, family, work, new opportunities

Hobbies: Going on walks with my wife, jogging with my golden retriever, visiting my lovely daughters in New York

Favorite books: Ernest Hemingway’s “A Farewell to Arms” and “The Old Man and the Sea”

Favorite movies: On the Waterfront and 12 Angry Men

Favorite actors and actresses: Marlon Brando, Diane Keaton
Favorite sport: Football and hockey – go Hawks!

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